AVProduction è uno studio fotografico che si offre come partner specializzato nella comunicazione tra l’Azienda e il suo Target.

L’attuale esigenza delle aziende di individuare target particolarmente mirati per accrescere il business, rende indispensabile un’efficace e creativa azione di media planning.

AVProduction affianca l’azienda nell’analisi e realizza questa strategia attraverso la realizzazione di servizi fotografici indoor e outdoor, la realizzazione di video aziendali, la promozione di tali servizi in rete.

AVProduction originates from a young audio-visual Communication wizard’s willingness to supply a wide variety of multimedia services in the field of digital media, taking advantage of his own knowledge and professional expertise. Full service is comprehensive of all production stages, ranging from pre-production to final delivery and promotion.

AVProduction is a highly skilled Laboratory specializing in Multi-Media Services, acting as a “first-choice Partner” in the Communication process between a Firm and its Target range.

The current dominating trend expressed by an increasing number of Companies consists of optimizing the cost/benefit ratio of Marketing investments, by identifying and addressing a narrowing range of targets, whereby the new modern media play their key role in achieving larger Market-shares; a meaningful creative approach becomes a crucial option whenever diversification and flexibility are a must in strategic planning.

This is where AVProduction assists Clients in their delicate analytical thought-process, meanwhile identifying some services: photographic and video services indoor and outdoor and their promotion on web channels.

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